Feb 8, 2010

Monday musings

Remember that rick of firewood that I proudly showed off a couple of weeks ago? Well we burned it all and DH spent the weekend cutting more and filling up the log rack again. The wood came from an enormous pile of brush that the previous owner "thoughtfully" left on the property, so all the wood we cut from it was very dry and burned quickly. Spring is on the way, so hopefully the second rick will last us.
We enjoyed watching the Super Bowl although we both hated having to listen to Phil Simms commentate. It's like hearing fingernails being scraped down a blackboard. GEAUX SAINTS!!
Here is my WIP as of this morning.
Emma is feeling much better and wants to eat like a horse. Unfortunately, we must feed her like a small dog recovering from a severe case of gastroenteritis. We spent the weekend enduring the "gaze of doom and condemnation of a hungry dog with dumb humans that won't feed me enough." She's been getting small meals of special canned food four times a day.
Thankfully, we get to start leaving dry kibble to her bowl today so the gaze of doom should diminish. Emma is a grazer; we leave kibble out for her all the time and she eats as her attention span allows her. It bothers her when there is nothing in her bowl and she will go and clank it until we put food in it, even if she is not hungry. There's been a lot of bowl clanking going on in the last few days.

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Rachel S said...

Glad she is starting to feel better. The indignant stare of a grazer is powerful bad mojo.