Feb 26, 2010

More plumbing fun

DH took the day off to tackle the toilet. After he gets it properly piped and reinstalled, he is moving on to tying in the plumbing supply for the new bathroom. So far today, he's only made one trip to Lowe's, but the day is still young. ☺
We've filled our log rack (which holds a rick of wood or half a cord) three times this winter. We're down to half a rick left and hoping it lasts until warmer weather. We've had a very unusually cold winter down here in south central Texas. Bring on spring!
And Linda asked for information about my WIP. It's a pattern from Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery called "Wild Things" from a watercolor painting by Sachi. It was a limited edition pattern and is no longer sold.
I hope to get a lot of stitching in this weekend along with some boring must-do sewing. Sometimes I like to sew; this project is not one of those times.

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Gloria said...

I hope all goes well with the plumbing job this weekend.

Also, I hope you do not need to cut more firewood. I am so ready for sunshine and warmth all day every day.