Feb 28, 2010

Weekend triumphs

DH got the toilet repaired and reassembled and it works great. It doesn't even look half bad in our weird old bathroom in a mixing tile with vinyl flooring kind of way.
After conquering the toilet, DH moved on to getting the electrical wiring done that would allow his shop tools more power. Of course, he had a small helper.
I stitched some, this weekend, but as I'm doing confetti stitching, progress is slow.
I'm going to attempt to upgrade my Windows Vista 64-bit to Windows 7 this afternoon. Hopefully, it will go well and you won't hear any yells and moans of anguish, whining, or the sound of a computer being chucked out a window.


Gloria said...

YAY for plumbing repairs! I'm sure it would not have gone as smooth without Emma's help.

Hope the computer ugrade went smooth as well and there wasn't a computer chucked out the window.

Mary said...

I haven't heard any yelling from East Texas so I'm assuming all went well?!

What does it matter what the floor likes when you have a working toilet...yea!!!!

As for Emma, I sure hope Kirk gave her a treat for being such a great helper!

And yes, confetti stitches are why I have NOT picked up "Isis"....yeck.