Mar 1, 2010

Loaded and running

Well, the computer is still on my computer desk; I didn't chuck it out the window. It took Windows 7 over eight hours to load itself on my computer. I didn't have to sit and baby it, I just came in occasionally, looked at the monitor and noted how far along it had gotten with the loading. At one point it restarted the computer about half a dozen times which was pretty weird. So far, Windows 7 seems fine and there is less of a learning curve for it than there was in going from WindowsXP to Windows Vista. Nothing has crashed and all my files seem intact.
DH was going to work on plumbing yesterday afternoon, but he had a massive allergy attack that included copious sneezing and a nose running like a faucet. The runny nose was exacerbated by bending over - which he would have had to do a lot while working on plumbing - so he ended up puttering in his shop. He worked on a project for his boss at work.
I spent a bunch of time stitching a bunch of confetti stitches, so it doesn't look like a lot of progress. Oh well.

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