Mar 4, 2010

It's always something

Well, my computer upgrade was not without a few software problems. Running down fixes for them is time consuming and annoying. And the jury is still out on the IE8 upgrade; I think I had less problems with IE7. The next time I'm in the market for a new computer, I'm seriously thinking about going to a Mac.
Blogger has been acting up. It wouldn't let me move pictures within a post on Tuesday, and then it ate my post before I could post it. Yesterday, I didn't have time to post because things were going kaput on me left and right.
I usually go to the grocery store on Wednesday. I got this great deal on "this-will-expire-tomorrow-so-it's-a-deal-for-you-today" meat at Kroger. I found three-pound packages of ground turkey for $2.97 (less than a dollar a pound!). I bought all they had which was five packages. Power tightwadding!
When I got home, I dragged out my trusty FoodSaver vacuum sealer to repackage the meat so I could freeze it in portions. The FoodSaver was dead. It would not work. It would not make a bag and it would not vacuum and seal. It did, however, make a great deal of noise as if it was working, but it was not. I made an emergency call to DH and he went by Wal-Mart on the way home to buy a new FoodSaver. Poop.
After I hung up with DH, my cell phone made its "be-doop" noise to let me know it needed charging. I noticed that the screen was blank. The phone still works, but the screen does not. AUGH! I don't want a new phone. I like this one. DH found a place that will fix it; apparently, it is a loose wire. Now I just have to take it in to get it fixed.
I haven't stitched in two days, but hope to this afternoon. I am SOOOO looking forward to the I35 Stitchtogether on Saturday - I need to immerse myself in stitching and gathering with other stitching ladies.


Mary said...

Man...Lisa...if it wasn't for bad luck, you'd have none at all!!

Tomorrow is another day. Hope it's better.


Justflo said...

Hope your run of poor luck has ended. Just try and enjoy your stitching when you get the chance. looking forward to seeing some pics of your up-dates.
Happy stitching to you