Mar 27, 2010

And the winner is...

...Ree!  My DH drew your name and I've notified you by e-mail to send me your snail-mail address.  To all of you that entered, thanks for stopping by!

Well, DH isn't having a good day.  He was planning on starting the last bit of plumbing for the new bathroom; he has to run the sewer line to the septic system and tie in the water lines at the main.  This morning he was planning to measure everything out and make a take-off list, in addition to digging up the septic tie in. 

But first, he wanted to mow the area where he plans to dig (weeds are growing like weeds in our yard).  He couldn't get the push lawn mower to start; it needs a new spark plug.  So he decided to use his weedeater instead.  It wouldn't start either despite having recently been in the shop for repairs.  So in the end, he fired up the riding lawn mower and did his mowing.  I fear that we will be looking to buy a new weedeater as this one is less than a year old and has been in the shop twice.  I looked it up online and this particular model is rated as unreliable.  Duh.

On another subject, DH and I watched the movie "The Blind Side" last night on DVD.  It was easily one of the best movies we've seen in a while; Sandra Bullock deserved her Oscar.  I had read the book recently and was impressed with how well the movie did in regards to following the book.  No, it wasn't perfect, but it did a fairly good job. 

The book is very good.  Although it is somewhat like "The Grapes of Wrath"  in that chapters will switch back and forth between the main character, Michael Oher, and the evolution of the left tackle position in the NFL.  If you're not into reading about football, you can skip those parts.  I love football, so I enjoyed reading the whole book.


Mary said...

Darnit! I just knew "Lady Luck" was with me! I'm your most LOYAL Darn....guess I better not count on the Lottery...:(~

Congrats Ree!

Gloria said...

That word verification really was an omen meaning NO STASH. lol

Congratulations Ree!

We loved The Blind Side, too. Excellent movie.

Hope your DH gets all his plumbing chores done this weekend.

Ree said...

Thank you so much....I'm so excited!
Hugs, Ree