Mar 15, 2010

Whew! What a weekend!

DH and I worked our backsides off this weekend, but we got a lot done.  And because of this, I got absolutely no stitching done at all.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Oh well.

Saturday, we readied the woodstove for its summer hibernation.  First, DH went up on the roof to clean out the stovepipe with the pipe brush.  Then he cleaned out all the ashes and vacuumed the stove itself while I cleaned all the creosote off the glass door.  Oh, and while he was up on the roof, he spotted our neighbor's cows wandering around on our land.  Poop.  Literally.

So DH called the county sheriff (they have a livestock animal control department) and reported it.  We shut our gate, but they found a way out of our land and ended up on a nearby paved farm road.  Poor cows.  You can't keep cows if you live in Houston (two hours away) as this man does!  They are NOT pets!  One of the cows had a fairly new calf at heel.  We found out from another neighbor that the new calf was "courtesy" of his bull as the cow had gotten out into his pasture and his bull impregnated her. 

Anyway, our neighbor came up Sunday afternoon and retrieved his cows from yet another pasture they had wandered into.  He spent up until dark "fixing" his fence.   And a deputy sheriff came out to discuss the situation with him (as in the deputy read him the riot act and he got an official warning).  Still, we are not hopeful for a cow-free existence. 

The rest of the weekend was devoted to getting all the underfloor plumbing done for the new bathroom (DH) and spring cleaning our bedroom (me).

DH spent a lot of time under the house.  He got pipe glue all over himself as he was in a tight space with no room to hardly move.  I was called on to help occasionally; at one point I stood on the toilet flange inside the bathroom while DH wrestled the pipe up into it from below.  Whee.  Now DH just has to run the sewer line to the septic tank and run the water suppy lines.  Progress!


Rachel S said...

It's getting there!

Mary said...

Well, you might not have gotten any stitching but look on the bright side...3 more days and you'll have a WHOLE WEEKEND devoted to stitching stitching

Oh, about those cows, are they dairy? Ya could learn how to milk and make your own dairy products...bwhahahaha.