Mar 30, 2010

Sunny days

We've had gorgeous weather here lately.  And no rain!  I've been enjoying sitting out on the front porch steps while doing some reading.  Emma loves the warmer weather, too.  She'll go out and sit in the sun until she gets hot enough to pant, then she'll come in the house to cool off.  Once she's cool, she's back outside again.

DH is coming home this evening with a rented DitchWitch and a new weedeater.  The old weedeater is dead and DH could not resurrect it, and it has been in the shop twice within two months for the cost of half a new weedeater.  The push mower is in the shop right now.  I think there is a lawn tool demon on our property that kills lawn tools. 
Tomorrow, DH will dig all the trenches for the bathroom piping with the DitchWitch.  He will also run the pipe for our propane tank and hopefully, I'll be able to use my gas stovetop soon instead of the two-burner hot plate I've used since we moved here. 
Today, while running my usual errands, I had to stop in Jo-Ann Fabrics for some felt for a sewing project that I'll describe at a later date.  I had a 40%-off coupon and treated myself to the February edition of the UK CrosStitcher magazine.  (It had Margaret Sherry cats on the cover!)  I don't subscribe to any stitching magazines, but I do enjoy buying one occasionally, especially the UK ones.
And...the cows were back yesterday.  I am on a first-name basis with all the livestock deputies.  I also got a lesson in open range law yesterday as our county has it.  It is not a good law if you are a land owner, but NOT a cow owner.  Anyway, as I think most of our part of the county and all the livestock sheriffs are fed up with this neighbor, something will finally be done.  Those poor cows deserve a better owner.  And our yard deserves to be cowpat free. ☺

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Gloria said...

Emma looks so cute basking in the sun. I like her sun/cool routine.

Hope all the piping gets done according to plan and the cows stay home.

Felt for a sewing project? Do tell!