Apr 4, 2010

Hoe down

I Corinthians 15:3-4 "...Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures."

Boy! what a week!  DH took a few days off this week and we worked hard to get three tasks done.  We got the sewer pipe for the new bathroom laid and connected to the septic tank.  We got pipe run from the propane tank to under the house (connecting it to the stove will happen soon!).  We ran pipe to run electricity to DH's shop from the house.  We are tired.

DH rented a trencher and one of those gadgets you use to survey rise and fall of geography.  You know, you see a guy standing by the side of the road in a construction zone squinting through a device on a tripod.  Farther down the road is a guy standing with a really long ruler who looks very bored.  DH used the gadget and I stood around with the ruler.  There's a reason those roadside guys holding the ruler look bored.  Ruler holding is boring.  We had to make sure the sewer pipes tilted down properly to the septic tank.

When DH got the gadget home he used it and had a problem with his original pipe layout, so he had to change it.  Wednesday morning, bright and early, DH used the trencher to cut trenches for all the piping.  Our yard looked like some demented gopher had gotten loose.

We had a trench for the sewer pipe.

We had a trench for the propane pipe.

And we had a trench for the electrical piping.

DH got all those pipes laid, and then we had to put all that dirt back in all the trenches by using our own backs and shovels and a hoe.  That was a pain and a lot of work.  But it's done now.  Whee-e-o!! 
Yesterday, I went to Austin for the I35 Stitchtogether.  I stitched on the never-ending border on my BAP.  We had a lot of fun, although we were missing some folks. 
This afternoon I plan to stitch some more and plan where to take and photograph my oldest nephew's Flat Stanley, who arrived yesterday in the mail.  Flat Stanley will definitely get to learn about the tractor and visit DH's tree stand, and I think a visit to Texas A&M is in order, too.  And of course, Flat Stanley will play with Emma.  It will have to be heavily supervised play; upon being introduced to Flat Stanley, Emma attempted to eat him. 

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