Apr 29, 2010

Best laid plans...

...go to waste when dealing with lawn mowers around here.   We got the push mower back from the shop and it has worked fine the two times I've mowed the inside yard.  The grass is growing like crazy down here.  

But of course, it couldn't last.  I swear we have mower demons lurking about.  This is getting old.  I did some dreaded housework this morning and then planned to mow the inside yard this afternoon right after lunch.  I started the mower and pushed it over to the fence and did some mowing near the fence.  Then I remembered that I wanted to lower the mower wheels some more.  So I turned off the mower and did that.  Now the danged thing won't start again.  Piffle.

I have nothing to report stitching-wise as I haven't stitched for several days.  I've got to get back in my chair and get after it as the BAP ain't gonna stitch itself.  

LoneStar (who is still shaking out her bath towel before using it, and will do so forevermore!)

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