Apr 30, 2010

Customer service

DH came home last night and solved the push mower problem.  When I lowered the wheels, I tipped the mower and inadvertently released a safety latch.  You know, one of those because-some-of-you-are-stupid-enough-to-stick-your-hand-under-a-running-mower safety devices.  Anyway, I latched the latch and was able to get my mowing done after supper.  Yippee! No trip to the repair shop this time!

I use a Logitech Wave keyboard.  After I converted to Mac, I am still able to (mostly) use it well after downloading some software updates.  I have loved Logitech products since I got my first trackball thumb mouse, way back in 1995.  So, when I needed a new keyboard last year (I got my old keyboard back in 1995, too), I naturally looked at Logitech.

Last week, I dropped something on my keyboard and one of the little legs that prop the keyboard at an angle for easier typing broke.  This little leg is plastic and is about a square-inch in size.  So I e-mailed Logitech and asked how much a replacement would cost.  They e-mailed me back and said the keyboard was obviously faulty so they would replace it.  

I e-mailed them back and said the keyboard was not faulty; I had dropped something on it and that's why the leg broke.  They e-mailed me back and said it could not be replaced.  I e-mailed them back and said that was a bunch of baloney as I could take out the unbroken leg and replace it easily.  They e-mailed me back and said they had no part available but would replace the keyboard as it was still under warranty; I just needed to mail it to them and they would send me a new one and reimburse my shipping costs.  I e-mailed them back, thanked them for their generous offer, and asked what was I supposed to do for a keyboard in the meantime?!  In the end, I decided to keep my keyboard; I've got the broken side propped up on a flash drive.  Good grief.  When I get a minute, I'll wander out to DH's shop and look for an itty bitty piece of wood to glue under there.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Austin for the I35 Stitchtogether.  It'll be nice to sit and stitch for most of the day, even if I will be stitching on the never-ending BAP border.  

I made some cookies to take with me and share.  I had a new recipe and I think there was a typo.  The recipe said to bake the cookies for 5-8 minutes and cautioned strongly about over baking them as they would burn easy.  The first batch came out raw and yucky.  On the next batch, I ended up increasing the cooking time to nearly 20 minutes!  Oh well!


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Rachel S said...

Have fun at the GTG!