Apr 26, 2010

A great weekend

DH and I had a great time on Saturday in Houston.  We went with friends.  Georgia and I dropped our DHs off in downtown Houston at the convention center at a gun show, and then we went to Spring (north of Houston) to shop hop.  We went to three quilt shops and one cross stitch shop.  

I didn't intend to buy much, just some GAST floss I need for my next project after I finish the BAP (in the year of our Lord 2045 at the rate I'm going!), but you know how that goes.   One of the quilt shops we stopped at was owned by an elderly lady and it had some cross stitch stuff.  A lot of it was very dated, but that worked to my advantage as I found several OOP and HTF leaflets.  While the owner continues to get new quilt fabric in, she also has a lot of older fabric; Georgia was happy to find some fabric that she bought several years ago and needed more of.  We had fun talking to her as she used to be a school teacher.

Our DHs had fun at their gun show, and my DH came home with a new pistol.  He'd been wanting one and had been researching them and was able to find one he liked for a price he liked.  Like a little kid, he had to take his new pistol to work today to show all the guys.  Silly man.

I'm about 95% converted over to Mac now.  I ended up having to buy some software (Parallels Desktop 5) to run some Microsoft software I use, mainly Excel and Word.  I looked at and researched the Mac equivalent, but I would have had to buy it.  Buying the software to run a virtual machine on my Mac for Excel and Word was cheaper than buying Excel and Word for the Mac.  I have to run down a printer driver and then I'll be humming along.  

I really like the Mac.  I got a Mac mini "tower."  Here it is in comparison to my old Dell tower.  The Mac mini is 6.5" x 6.5" x 2" in size.  My old Dell is gigantic.  The Mac mini is more powerful than my old Dell.  Dynamite comes in small packages!

And I have to figure out how to save my signature in Mac, so for now I'll just sign off "LoneStar." 

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