Apr 21, 2010

Way down south

This past weekend found us in Rockport visiting DH's parents.  DH and his dad went out fishing on Saturday and didn't bring home a thing.  But we did have a nice fish fry for dinner as there was plenty of fresh fish in the freezer from previous fishing trips.  And as oysters are still in season, we had a bunch of those, too, fresh off the boat from Alby's fish market.  (We eat them fried.)

I haven't stitched a lick in days.  I'm not having a stitching slump, I just haven't found time to plant my butt in my stitching chair to stitch.

Poor Emma.  She was finally feeling like her usual ADHD self when I had to take her in to the vet yesterday for her yearly shots.  We also decided to start her on snake venom shots.  She got one shot yesterday and will get the second one in three weeks.  Thereafter, she gets a yearly booster in February right before the snakes become active.  The snake venom shots will lessen her reaction to snake bites should she decide to tangle with a snake yet again.

Unfortunately, all these shots made her feel poorly.  She is sitting on the back of the couch today giving me "I feel rotten" looks.  But the vet said she should feel better by tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'll be petting on her a lot and spoiling her a bit. 


Gloria said...

awwwww..she does have that "I feel rotten" look. Hope the vet is right and she is feeling much better tomorrow.

Your stitching chair has been unoccupied for far too long. It deserves more use. I will pick it up for free.

Cindy F. said...

Oh that precious puppy girl :(
Please give her big kisses and soft hugs from me! I hope she feels like her self again soon!

Mary said...

Poor little thing...she looks so pitiful.

As for stitching, join the club, I'm lucky if I get just one hour a week!