Apr 16, 2010

One of those weeks

I'm still here.  We've had one of those weeks.  Nothing bad, just busy with the occasional bump. 

We've been hosting my oldest nephew's Flat Stanley and I went hither and yon taking photos of Flat Stanley and local attractions.  I tried to pick things a seven year-old boy would be interested in, so there are pictures of tools, tractors, and the like.  We went to the George Bush Library and I took a picture of Flat Stanley with a nearby sculpture.  The horses are by a local artist (IIRC), and the stones with the grafitti were once part of the Berlin Wall, which I think is pretty cool.  (You can see part of my hand holding on to ol' Flat Stanley because it was windier than all get out that day.)

After taking all the pictures, I put them in a scrapbook album with a written narrative.  Doing this caused me to remember just how much I hate and loathe scrapbooking.  Luckily I'll have five years to get over it until our younger nephew gets to the first grade. ☺

Emma is coming along.  The dried-up black patch on her chest, which was tissue that was necrotic or dead from the snake venom, finally came off.  Luckily, the bite is where she can't lick it a lot or scratch at it.  Now there is a pink patch of nicely healing skin.  She'll have another scar, I'm sure. 

Several weeks ago, DH and I got new cell phones as our old ones were nearly five years old and one had died.  As we have about a year left on our cell phone contract and didn't want to spring for newer high-tech phones, we found our old phones new-in-the-box on eBay for a very nominal price.  We like these old phones (Motorola V330); they're tough and have good clarity - important for me due to my hearing loss.  Well, they're tough unless you run over one with the tractor...

DH was moving something heavy with the bucket on the tractor and thinks his cell phone fell out of his pocket.  Yep, he ran over it and killed the screen on it.  You can still make calls, but can't see anything on the screen.  Oh well.

I haven't stitched in nearly two weeks and this weekend is not looking good.  Maybe next week...

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