Apr 11, 2010

Hooking up

As we hoped, DH has been able to hook up the water supply to the new bathroom.  He was very pleased with how easily it went, even if he did have to dig more holes and make two trips in to Lowe's.  (DH's least favorite thing to do is dig holes or use any kind of shovel.)

Emma is slowly getting back to her old self.  Here she is sitting on the porch - you can see the dark area where the snake bit her on her chest (and her shaved fore legs).

And here she is supervising DH during his hole digging.


Gloria said...

It's good to see Emma back on the job! I'm so glad that she is feeling better.

Good job on getting water to the new bathroom! I'm sure you are glad that part is done.

Rachel S said...

Glad Emma is doing better. Why is that area black? Is it bruised?