May 3, 2010

Another great weekend

We had absolutely gorgeous weather this weekend - highs in the 80's and sunny with a light breeze.  

Georgia and I headed over to Austin for the I35 Stitchtogether.  We had a great time and had a big group.  There was lots of laughing and eating and yakking and eating and I think we did get a bit of stitching done.

While the two of us were in Austin, our DH's went to the gun range and and played with their man toys.  They had a lot of fun, too.  DH spent the evening cleaning the guns he had used and man! does the cleaning oil smell weird.  DH likes the smell, but to me it smells like sour apples mixed with axle grease.  Next time, DH will clean his guns outside on the porch.

Sunday afternoon, we took the day off and puttered.  DH planned out how he is going to install electricity in his shop, and I got a lot of stitching done.  Emma played a lot with the new toy her Auntie Gloria gave her.  It's a yellow rubber ball with a squeaker that she killed after about two hours.  We were kind of glad as this squeaker was a bit shrill and more annoying than usual.  And of course, toys must be taken and placed in the food bowl while you are enjoying a bit of kibble.  Silly dog.



Rachel S said...

You gotta keep a watch on that toy!

Gloria said...

LOL at the new toy in the food bowl. How cute!

I enjoyed meeting Georgia. I hope she will join us again.

Mary said...

Had fun also at the get together! That picture of Emma is just way too cute, especially with her licking her You oughta enter that in a contest!