May 7, 2010

Customer service ISN'T dead yet (but has to be prodded)

Golly.  I never though yesterday's post would do anything other than give me an avenue to vent.  Apparently, Other World Computing (OWC) uses some type of Internet search program that alerts them whenever they are mentioned in cyberspace.  They read my blog post and even left TWO comments on the post (or at least their computer program did).

They contacted us and and are refunding the restocking fee.  They made it as right as they could.  I give them four out of five stars and I will give their store another try.  I'm not a loyal customer yet, but I'm certainly willing to purchase from them again and give them another chance.

Why didn't I give OWC five stars?  Well, in my mind, if a customer returns something to you and says it doesn't work (and they state in writing what process they went through to determine that the product does indeed not work) and asks for an exchange, you give them the exchange no questions asked.  

You do not tell tell them that you found nothing wrong with the product and imply they are too stupid to connect things properly.  You don't tell them you'll send the same unit back to them because it works fine.  And you don't argue with them over it.  Your goal in customer service should be to fix the problem, not rile up the customer, especially if you state that you pride yourself on providing excellent customer service.  So OWC gets four stars. 

I finally got "The Alamo" framed and hung on our bedroom wall yesterday.  I frame all my pieces myself.  I'm too much of a tightwad to pay someone else to do it, so I taught myself to frame needlework and do it to the best of my ability.  I'm told I do a good job of framing.  Usually right after someone tells me I'm a good framer, they tell me I should go into the framing business.  For the record, for me, framing needlework ranks right on up there with cleaning the bathroom.  I do it because I need to and I do a good job, but I don't enjoy it.  

I've been really enjoying my trips into town these last few weeks as the wildflowers in Texas are absolutely beautiful this year.  I wish I were an artist (or that I'd at least remember to bring my camera along), but I'm not.  So I'll just enjoy the riot of color that means springtime in Texas.


Gloria said...

Glad to see that they are refunding the restocking fee.
I hope your next purchase from them is a good experience.

Mary said...

Love "The Alamo". However, it'd look better in my


Vicky said...

The Alamo looks fabulous and glad your ended up getting a refund.