May 31, 2010

Our weekend

DH and I went up to Dallas to visit our relatives there this weekend.  We had a very nice visit with my parents, Bro, DSis-IL, and nephews.  We got caught up on all the family happenings (and gossip).  

Our oldest nephew is now reading "real books" and I had fun talking to him about the Narnia books and the one "Little House" book he has read so far.  He was also astounded to learn that his uncle speaks Spanish.  (DH lived in Ecuador for two years while in junior high and learned the language then.)  

Oh, and I sang "Motorcycle Policeman" for him.  I remember this song (it is indelibly engraved in my memory) because my Bro played the record over and over and over and over and over and over, etc., etc., etc. when he was a kid.  Of course, he has no recollection of this record, but I sure do!

Our youngest nephew is nearly two and is learning to talk.  He is also learning to tolerate Emma who has a penchant for licking any kid's face she can reach.  He would scream like a banshee when she came near him, but them he would gleefully holler, "Emma!" to get her to come back, and then scream again.  The kid is an adrenaline junky for sure.  ;-)   Emma finally figured out how to get her lick in as the adults were always shooing her away from her screaming target; she snuck up behind him while he was playing on the floor and gave his ear a good bath.  This made him dissolve into giggles.

Today, DH is nesting in his shop.  He put stuff back against the wall I finished painting last week and reorganized some other stuff.  He hopes to get the other three walls done today, but I figure two is more realistic.  He has to run electrical wire, insulate, and then hang the plywood, all the while moving stuff out of the way.  And then I'll get to paint the plywood.  Whee.  Here's the 20' long wall I already finished:

Due to our wet winter, we've had TONS of wildflowers this year.  I have no idea what these yellow flowers are (they kind of look like Black-eyed Susans), but they are all over our property.  They're so pretty, I hate to mow them down.  I may leave this patch that sprouted near DH's shop unmowed for awhile.

And I'm stitching on the BAP again.  I hope to stitch on it between laundry and doing the monthly budget today.


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Gloria said...

I think the yellow flowers might be coneflowers.

Thanks for the cute Emma story. Just picturing it in my mind put a big smile on my face.