May 24, 2010

Lawn demons reign supreme

DH and I went happily to work on the new bathroom on Saturday.  We were going to install the bathroom sink cabinet and sink top we bought back in the summer of '08.  DH spelunked in his shop and found them still in the box buried under a window and brought it to the porch.  We got them out of the box and began installing them in the bathroom (with Emma's help).  

Then we decided that we didn't like the cheap particle board construction of the cabinet; we didn't think it would hold up over time.  Plus, DH would have had to be "creative" with the sink top installation.  So we decided that DH would make a sink cabinet from scratch with plywood instead of particle board.  As DH's shop is a disaster area right now, that may take some time.  *sigh*  One step forward, two steps back.  Oh well.

And the lawn demons are back.  I went out this morning with the full intention of taming much of the outside (the fence) yard and the driveway with the riding mower.  This happened:

We've always had trouble with the tires on this mower.  They are "tubeless" and once they get low on pressure, they go flat practically instantaneously and then the tire falls off the rim.  I am unable to wrestle it back on the rim AND blow it up with the air compressor at the same time, so I must wait for DH to get home.  At least I got the inside (the fence) yard mowed with the push mower.

I noticed signs of an armadillo digging in the inside yard.  This explains why Emma has spent most of the day "hunting" under the house and bringing in all sorts of yucky stuff in the house and leaving it on the floor by trapping it in her fur.  Silly dog.

I am nearly finished with the patriotic Santa I am working on and should be able to post a picture tomorrow; I just have a bit of backstitching to do and a few beads to attach.


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