Feb 12, 2010

WIP and grumpifying weather

I finished the third page of my WIP last night. The orange blob is part of a large tropical flower. I've done three out of fifteen pages. As it is STILL cloudy, rainy, and cold here, I plan to plant my bohonkus in my stitching chair and stitch the afternoon away.
Last night, the weather had the audacity to spit sleet and a bit of snow on us here in south central Texas. I hate snow (unless I'm skiing on it). It melted off by mid-morning, but I still hate the stuff.
I've been reading this week, too. I saw the commercial on TV for the upcoming "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief" movie and wondered if it was based on a children's book. It was, so I got a copy and read it. It was a fun enough read that I bought the next three books in the series that are out in paperback (the last book in the series is out in hardback; the paperback edition comes out in July) and read them, too.
And I haven't blogged much this week because the yucky weather has made me grumpier than a starving bear. I am sick of winter, wet weather, and cold. Yes, I am whining. Spring can't get here soon enough for me and summer better be close on spring's tail.


Mary said...

I'm grumpin' with ya! I am soooo tired of cold. However, I noticed on the way home from work that some of the trees have little buds on them. My roses are starting to get buds as well as some of my other plants. It's a sign that Spring is just around the corner!!! YEA!!!

Rachel S said...

I'm grumping too. At least stitching takes the grumpin away.