Feb 21, 2010

The travails of a woodworker

DH has been trying to make doors for the bathroom cabinetry that he made. He had to have a cleaning frenzy in his shop to unbury his router table before he could start which took half a day. He was then able to make one door, but was not happy with it. His router table is the problem.
When DH bought his plunge router, he didn't want to spend the bucks for a router table, so he made one. The top is from a kitchen sink cutout that was left in our house in Arkansas. The bottom is the bathroom sink cabinet from one of the bathrooms we gutted in our Oklahoma house. It is a tightwad triumph and it has served him fairly well for over eight years. But for making nice cabinet doors, it is severely lacking.
DH decided to research possible router attachments for his Shopsmith. This entailed a couple of trips to Lowe's and several electrical wiring schemes. (The shop does not yet have electricity out to it; DH has been running tools off an extension cord from our flood light pole.) The Shopsmith pulls a lot of electricity and needed something more beefy than the extension cord to run properly. While he solved the electricity problem, DH decided that he'd rather use a conventional router table than the Shopsmith attachments available.
So, DH had me search the internet for a suitable router table after he looked over the ones that Lowe's had. In the end, we ended up ordering this router table made by Bench Dog. DH is fairly salivating over it. Luckily it won't rust. ☺
I have been stitching quite a bit this weekend and plan to stitch most of this afternoon. I'll post a picture tomorrow or Tuesday.

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