Feb 6, 2010

Six trips to the vet

Emma was very ill this week and after six trips to the vet, she's finally on the mend. Her humans were very worried about her. She's back to being her ADHD self, although we do need to put a bit of weight back on her.
The IH35 Stitchtogether was a lot of fun today. We had great fellowship, great food, and even got a little stitching in. AND THE SUN WAS OUT FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!!!
As promised, here is the box I covered in cloth and lined with paper to give away as our door prize. The first picture is of the outside of the box, the second picture shows the inside lining.


Daffycat said...

Poor Emma! I hope she is all better now.

How I love your box! It turned out very pretty!

Rachel S said...

That is beautiful!

I hope Emma gets on the mend really quick. Poor girl.