Oct 11, 2010

How was your weekend?

We'll not talk about the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Aggies.  Happily, Texas Tech beat Baylor this weekend (sorry Gloria!) so not all was lost in football.

DH took off a bit early on Friday afternoon so he could get an evening hunt in.  He came home, camo-ed up and was heading off out the door to his tree stand by four o'clock.  I settled down to stitch, figuring I wouldn't see him again until it got dark.  Fifteen minutes later, he was back; he'd shot a wild pig!  So now we'll have fresh sausage for the freezer and a couple of small hams!

Wild pigs are a nuisance in much of the south.  In Texas, there is an open season on wild pigs which means they may be hunted at any time of the year for any reason.  They have no natural predators and sows often have 8-12 piglets per litter, with several litters a year.  They breed like rabbits.   One wild pig can tear up a couple of acres of good pasture or cropland in one night, usually more as they most often travel in herds.  They are very aggressive towards humans, too.  But they make good eating if you can get a small male or a small to medium female.  Larger pigs are not good to eat as the meat takes on a nasty flavor.

Saturday, DH got our stove hooked up and it is so nice to be cooking on gas again!  I've always loathed cooking on electric stoves.  The hot plate is now stored up in the attic of DH's shop and I don't miss it a bit.

Sunday afternoon, DH and I vegged out on the sofa watching football.  We did have a bit of excitement when we heard Emma barking outside the house like a fiend at something out of the ordinary.  DH went to investigate, looking out the kitchen window.  "GAH!" he hollered and then began yelling for Emma to come into the house.  Emma was after a snake (again) and DH thought it was a rattler!

With Emma safely in the house and with me keeping an eye on the snake from the window, DH ran for his shotgun.  The snake was quickly dispatched.  A knot of dead wood on the ground from one of our backyard trees was also dispatched as DH thought it looked like a second coiled up snake and in all the excitement, he shot it, too.  ;-)

I managed to stitch a lot this weekend and am close to finishing "Spring Flowers."  


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