Oct 8, 2010

Riding weather

The weather here in my part of Texas has been absolutely gorgeous this week.  Upper 40's at night and up to the mid-eighties in the daytime with perfectly cloudless blue skies.  This kind of weather at this time of year makes me nostalgic for hitting the road.

Years ago, when my DBro was 14 years old, he got a motorcycle.  In Texas at that time, a 14 year-old could get a motorcycle license; car driver's learner's permits weren't available until a person was 15 years old.  My DBro was so desperate for wheels, that he talked my parents into letting him get a motorcycle and license at 14.  He was kind enough to teach his big sister how to ride it, and I also got my motorcycle license.  (Actually, I'm his older but much shorter sister.)  

Well, my brother had a nice Kawasaki bike.  Then my dad decided that it would be a good learning experience for my DBro to buy a Honda in a box - some guy had taken it apart and never got it back together.  So DBro bought the boxed-up Honda and he and Dad put it back together.   He didn't like it as much as his Kawasaki, so it became "my" bike as it fit me more comfortably than the Kawasaki.

I was in college at the time and having a very difficult semester.  We were having extraordinarily beautiful weather that fall.  I would come home on the weekends, put five dollars in my pocket for a tank or two of gas, and ride the Honda out in the country until I had just enough gas to get back home.  It kept me sane.  (My Mom, however, says she got all of her gray hairs while my DBro and I were riding motorcycles - neither of us ride anymore.)

But when the days are clear and fall is just around the corner, I get a hankering to pull on my jeans, boots, leather gloves, and wrap-a-round helmet to go riding in the country on a little Honda bike with five dollars in my pocket.  ;-)

I am enjoying stitching on "Spring Flowers," a stitching retreat exclusive by Redbird Designs.  Mary says she doesn't want the pattern back, so I will PIF it once I finish it.  Here is what I've stitched so far:

I am still without my stove.  The propane guy came out and filled the tank.  Then when DH got home, he discovered that the tank had a leak.  So the propane guy had to come out and fix it.  The leaks are gone, and DH will have time on Saturday to finish the last little bit of hook-up in the house.  So I should be cooking on the stove by Saturday night.  Should be.  Yeah.


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Gloria said...

We call those bikes Ring Dings because of the sound they make. Riiiinnnnggg ding ding ding.
If we still had our bikes and motorcycle trailer, I would come ride with you. I miss those rides, too.