Oct 17, 2010

A stitching disaster and a buck

DH has been very successful in hunting this year.  He's harvested two does and a wild pig, and Saturday, he got a six-point buck.  Our freezer will be well stocked for winter.  He's really hoping to harvest his one more allowed buck during the remainder of bowhunting season.  Of course, he'll still have rifle season to get it, but if he gets it sooner, then he'll be done with hunting for the year and won't be as distracted on the weekends.  ;-)

Late last week, I sat down to begin "It's Mine," the Hallowe'en cat and pumpkin pattern on 36 count linen.  Things were going fairly well when my stitching lamp died.  ACK!!  DH was unable to resurrect it.  He determined that the circuit board needing replacing.  So he called the Daylight Company.  We knew that they don't do repairs on lamps, but they will sell you replacement parts if you are able to fix it yourself.  At least, they will sell you replacement parts on current lamps, not discontinued ones like I apparently have.  

So I'm using my stitchtogether/retreat lamp which is smaller with a lesser quality lens.  It's fine for travel, but not for all the time use when I need superior magnification.  Because of this, I ended up starting a different project with a lower fabric count.  I'm now working on "Liberty Lane" by Country Cottage Needleworks on 28 count Monaco.

And I spent a couple of days scouring the internet for a new lamp.  I found the best price on the next generation lamp - the Daylight Ultra Slim XR Fluorescent Magnifier Lamp - on a massage/salon supply website of all places!  Now I just have to wait for it to arrive in the mail and then all will be well in my world.


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