Oct 5, 2010

Monday post on Tuesday

Blogger was a bear yesterday.  They have a new picture uploading tool that stinks.  It either doesn't like my Mac or doesn't like my slow internet speed.  After trying for 20 minutes to upload one picture and getting continual "Error; try again" messages, I gave up.  Hopefully, today will be better.

On Saturday, Georgia and I went to Austin for the I35 Stitchtogether.  We had a great time with everybody and together we solved all of the world's problems.  I got a goodly amount of stitching done on "Tribal Seahorse" which is now my stitchtogether piece; it will go with me to and only be stitched on at the stitchtogether until it is finished.   

I left DH at home in his tree stand as Saturday was the opening day of bowhunting season.  He got nothing on his morning hunt, but was ultimately successful over the weekend as he harvested two doe.  He was the subject of much envy on Monday morning at work as his hunting crazy coworkers did not go hunting over the weekend.  

This year, he is allowed two doe and two bucks.  So now he has the rest of bowhunting season and rifle season to harvest two bucks.  My freezer will be full of fresh venison!

On Sunday I started an unplanned new project.  Mary was kind enough to loan me a spring pattern exclusive to a stitching retreat that she had just finished.  As I hate to keep borrowed patterns for too long, I'm stitching it right now.  It should be a fast stitch (fun, too!).  I'll post as picture when I'm finished.  

I had planned to next stitch "It's Mine" by A Mon Ami Pierre.  The only US store that I found that carries this is ABC Stitch Therapy.  It's a European pattern and ABC Stitch can get it, although it usually takes about two or three weeks for it to come in the mail as they have to order it from overseas. 

I finished painting the propane tank and the propane delivery guy will be here tomorrow morning; I'll be cooking on my gas stovetop tomorrow!  Yippee!  I can retire the two-burner hot plate!

And today I begin painting yet again.  Our next project is getting all the trim molding put in the windows of our bedroom.  I'm tired of looking at pink studs, sealant foam, and bare sheetrock edges.  It "should" be a quick project for DH, and then he will start on the HVAC.



Rachel S said...

Changing to the stove will be a treat! Good work on your WIP and finish.

Mary said...

I wondered if your DH was successful. Kudos to him! As for the Redbird Design, I don't want it back. Once I stitch something, I'm done with the pattern. Pass it along!