Oct 15, 2010

PIF Winner and windows

Thanks to all of you that entered my PIF - the winner is RitaD.

See this pile of painted lumber leaning on my bookcases?  Hopefully it will begin to cover up the ugly pink 2x4s in my bedroom windows.

DH will begin installing the trim molding for the windows this weekend.  He took today off (and was of course out hunting this morning - no joy getting a buck) and is happily in the mood to do woodworking.  The molding for around the windows is out on the porch on my sawhorses awaiting paint.  Yes, I'm still painting stuff.  Such is my lot in life.  ;-)

I hope to finish-finish a few stitchy things and watch the Dallas Cowboys win (*crossing fingers*) this weekend.  And of course, I hope to get in some stitching time.


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