Jun 20, 2011

Another WIP update

I finished another page on my WIP.  It's still boring to stitch.  I've gotten 19 stars and ten state names finished.  Stripes, letters, and stars...when will it all end?!!

DH was supposed to gut the ceiling in the utility room and replace it with new sheetrock and insulation this weekend.  He ended up having a mowing / brush clearing frenzy and spent a lot of time with the chainsaw, weedeater, and tractor.  Did I mention it was 101 degrees this weekend with a heat advisory?  ;-)

Because of his frenzy, the brush pile is bigger.  When we moved here, we "inherited" a brush pile that the former owner had made when he trimmed some trees.  He couldn't burn it before we took possession because of a burn ban that year.  There was also a burn ban the first year we were owners.  Then the next year, it was too wet to burn and DH was culling through it for usable firewood.  This year, we are ready to burn it, but we are in drought conditions and there is another burn ban.  Someday it may come to life, crawl over to, and eat the house.



Miss LindaLee said...

Sheesh! That is certainly scarey! We too have a stupid brush pile right beyond our property over the fence. I have wanted it burned every year as I know it has to be full of snakes! To think though, that it could swallow our house! Ewwwww.

kimstitch3 said...

may be boring, but oh so pretty too.Keep up the good work, it will be gorgeous when done.Take care,Kimberly

Mary said...

At the recent retreat, someone had stitched and framed this. It really looks good!!!