Jun 18, 2011

Unsuccessfully navigating enabling territory

I like to read stitching blogs, but to the unsuspecting reader, these blogs are often evil enablers.

As you know, I recently finished "Photobooth Snowmen" by Bent Creek.  It was a very fun stitch.  Bent Creek has several other patterns in the Photobooth series, but the Snowmen one is my favorite.  My second favorite is "Flags & Friends" with Uncle Sam and an eagle but I resisted the urge to buy it.  

I resisted that is until Rachel posted a finish of it over on her blog.  I couldn't withstand such blatant enabling, so I bought the pattern myself.  I bought it from Down Sunshine Lane and although Amy had to order it, it still arrived quickly - a shop with great service a great communication!

I may start stitching on it after I finish "One Nation" unless I am too sick of red, white, and blue at that point.  In which case I may find something pink to stitch - just kidding!  ;-)  


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Miss LindaLee said...

I know exactly what you mean! I dropped in a few minutes ago and now I have to run out and check out all the photobooth series! Sheesh! See what you started? LOL
You have a wonderful and blessed weekend. After church and Sunday school tomorrow, we're headed out to the beach with the kids and one of the grands for a father's day treat!