Jun 5, 2011

A wall WIP

DH worked on the wall between the kitchen and utility room yesterday.  He got it all framed and got the pocket door frame installed.  This afternoon, he hopes to get some sheetrock up on the framing.  I don't know if you can tell, but the plywood part to the left of the doorway is the pocket for the door.  DH made it out of plywood to make it stronger as we want to hang pantry shelves on it for canned goods.  The plywood will be covered in sheetrock.

Emma supervised.  She hates the nail gun.  She will stand right by it poised to attack.  When DH fires it off, she growls or barks, and then paws at it.  I can't get a picture of her pawing as she is quicker than the camera and all I end up with is a blur.


"One Nation" is coming along.  I should be done with a page by tomorrow sometime and will post a picture.



Gloria said...

I enjoy seeing pictures of your progress. Please don't ever stop blogging.

Emma is such a great little supervisor. Love that intense expression on her sweet little face.

pandy said...

My JRT is named Emma! She also hates the nail gun and does exactly what yours does (she also hates the air compressor). I usually have to put her outside while work gets done because I'm scared she might get a nail through the paw!