Jun 1, 2011

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

We had a nice long weekend.  DH took off Friday and Tuesday, too, so he had five days to work on the house, all in ninety-degree heat!  He got all the floor leveling done on the kitchen side of the house and also put insulation back in the attic over the kitchen.  (He'd removed the old, tattered, and poorly done insulation back in the spring.)  And he only made two trips to Lowe's!

Here is a picture of the work on the front of the house; he had to repour a concrete footing and reset the blocks (the orange thing on the right is the house jack).  And next is a picture of it all finished.


DH also spent some time working in his shop.  They've been doing some remodeling up at work and took the doors off some cabinets.  The doors were going to be thrown away, but DH rescued them and reused them to make doors to the cabinets in his shop.  He cut them down to size.  The piece he cut off will be the drawer fronts some day.  How's that for being green?  And the doors are already painted, so at least I won't have to paint them (at least they're not pink).  Here they are leaning against the door openings waiting to be hung on hinges.

I got some stitching done on "One Nation" and it is proving to be a boring stitch to me, just as I figured.  But I'll keep working on it until it is done; if I put it aside I know I'll never pick it back up.  I'll post pictures as I get each page of stitching done (there are eight pages).  Right now I have six stars and the names of five states stitched along with various motifs and parts of stripes.


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