Jun 22, 2011

A most unexpected morning

We've been in drought conditions here in my part of Texas for many months.  We've had rain in the forecast lots of times, but it seems to usually move north of us.  When we'd see a weather forecast predicting rain, DH and I would roll our eyes and mutter, "Yeah, right!"

So when we went to bed last night and noticed faint lightning to the north of us, we went to sleep utterly confident that it wouldn't rain.  Yeah, right.  Thunder, lightning, and rain woke us both up a couple of times and we both thought, "Oh! Rain! How nice!"  

It was still raining this morning when we got up and then it hit DH; the car and truck are parked up by the house, instead of past the spot where our 300-foot-long dirt driveway turns into a car-sucking quagmire at one particular point.  Uh oh.

DH got in his car and was sure he could make it out.  Ten minutes later he was back at the front door; the car had lost traction at the quagmire and was stuck.  So while DH removed the mowing brush hog attachment from the tractor, I walked down to the stuck car to steer it out once DH arrived with the tractor to pull it free.

Most American cars and trucks have a handy tow hook under the front of the car.  We have a German-made Jetta.  It, too, has a tow hook.  However, it is hidden behind a fancy grill.  DH ended up having to dig out the owner's manual to read up on how to access the tow hook.  To remove the grill, he had to dig out a special tool kit stowed in the trunk under the spare tire.  He had to try several different tools as they were not well-marked.  This took about fifteen minutes.  Did I mention it was raining still?

Once DH actually got the tow chain on the tow hook, the job of pulling the car free took about a minute.  He was not a happy Jetta owner at that point.

How was your morning?



Miss LindaLee said...

Quite uneventful compared to your morning! I did though have cinders raining down on me from a wild fire south of us and about 100 miles away! Air was thick with smoke from it. Wind direction changed and took all with it! We need some of that rain here! News this morning said that at this point they were worried that the three fires in NC wouldn't be able to be put out without a good long rain. They took some fire fighters off the scene of one because of the danger with the winds, heat and all.

Rachel S said...

Quite uneventful next to that! Hope the rain helped.

Miss LindaLee said...

Nooo. It didn't. They just went in and deliberatly burnt another fourty acres in another attempt to stop it with another firewall. We have even more smoke today from that. There is a 50% chance of rain today again, so we're praying that it will indeed rain.