Feb 3, 2012

A finish in an ongoing WIP

I finished the February block of "Crabby All Year."  I disliked part of the design so I had to "fix" it.  The design is supposed to be a trash can with love thrown away in it.  To me it looked like a badly rendered old-fashioned soda glass with weird-colored glop in it.  After closer inspection, I figured out it was in reality a badly rendered or heavily stylized metal trash can.  So I "fixed" it and stitched it my way.

Now that I am finished with February's block two days into February, I have to decide what to stitch on next.  Another Texas Christmas ornament?  Do I put in time on "that durn flag"?  Or do I stitch on "Bone Cheeks"? 


1 comment:

pandy said...

Bone cheeks bone cheeks! :) Lovely finish, too! I can't wait to see more!