Feb 3, 2009

DH's new toy

No, it's not a hunting toy. It's a shop toy. Shop and hunting toys are way more expensive than stitching toys. But if a shop toy will get me storage areas made faster and easier, then I'm all for them.
Anyway, DH stated that being able to use a biscuit joiner on it would sure make the top platform of the UBSU much more secure and stable. I checked the tool savings budget and we had enough in there for a biscuit joiner. We're tightwads; we have savings and a budget for everything.
So last Friday evening, we went shopping for a biscuit joiner. Lowe's had one DH wanted at a great price, but it was out of stock and wouldn't be in stock for at least two weeks (which always seems to be the case at our local Lowe's). Home Depot didn't have any brands DH liked. So we went to Sears and found one that was in stock and on sale.
Biscuit joiners cut little slots in the ends or edges of two pieces of wood. You then squirt glue in the slot of one piece of wood and stick a football-shaped piece of wood in the slot. Then you squirt glue in the slot of the other piece of wood and stick that slot over the "biscuit" of wood. This makes a very strong join. Hence the name "biscuit joiner."
DH has had lots of fun with it and is full of plans for easy and quick UBSU and cabinet door construction with his new toy...er, tool.


Rachel S said...

Thank you for explaining. I was confused as to what joining biscuits had to do with shop tools, LOL.

Daffycat said...

One of the reasons I love your blog is my dad used to be a carpenter. I spent a lot of time on job sites growing up. I can smell fresh cut wood to this day and be transported.

Congratulations on DH's new toy!