Feb 6, 2009


DH has been working happily in his shop every night this week. He reports that the two drawers are all made, and that the five doors will be done for sure by the end of the weekend. He then launched into a complicated and woodly technical explanation that included his router, Kreg jig, and various and assorted clamping devices. I'll not bore you with it.
BTW, a Kreg jig is yet another woodworking tool that is used to join pieces of wood together, but it uses special screws instead of wooden biscuits. Yes, it uses glue. Everything that is joined together must have glue or construction adhesive.
So hopefully I'll be painting drawers, doors, and the UBSU platform by next week. I've been tasked with buying drawer and door handles when I make a trip to town today. DH will buy the hinges for the doors (he's picky about his hinges) when we are in Austin Saturday for the IH35 Stitchtogether. DH always comes with me so he can go to Cabela's, Academy Sports, and other assorted man shops while I stitch.
Speaking of the IH35 Stitchtogether, I found this really cute little gift to give away as a door prize. I'd post a picture, but it would spoil the surprise. So I'll post a picture tomorrow night.
A note from my stitching chair: I've been getting a lot of time in on my current WIP. And after finishing up all of one of the colors, I'm no longer worried about running out of floss (unless I have a major frog visit). The picture's kind of dim, but you get the idea of my progress.

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LoriRay said...

You are making great progress! Hope nothing happens to that chair...LOL!

Have fun at the stitcher's meeting. I look forward to seeing a picture of your door prize. :)