Feb 24, 2009

Stash in the mail!

I've received a bit of stash in the mail lately. A lot of designers release new patterns during February and I had fun drooling over them. I only bought one new pattern, "Cleaning Day" from The Needle's Notion. I already have "Wash Day" and "Baking Day" and wanted to add to my collection.
While looking at a website that had "sneak previews" of the newest Prairie Schooler designs, I saw an older PS that I decided I had to have. None of the new designs did anything for me.
I also received a pattern in the mail from a stitching buddy who was clearing out some old stitching magazines and ran across a pattern that she was sure DH would love. (Thanks, Irene!!) He did. He looked at it, smiled, and asked me to stitch it for him. And I will, probably after I get my MIL's HBP done which I will stitch on after I get my current WIP done.


LoriRay said...

Oooooooh, I have that Grandpa's Tools pattern, too. Or is it Grandpa's Workshop? Whatever it's called, I love it, too!

Nice patterns! :)

mark said...

I LOVE that pattern from The Needles Notion. Um...I might just have to do a little shopping...lol.


Olive said...

I think I have a few patterns I need to add to my stash...