Feb 2, 2009

UBSU pictures and progress

Well, the UBSU is essentially finished except for DH making five doors for it and two drawers. He'll be working on those tonight. Oh, and it needs a little paint.
On one side of the UBSU, there is a place for my blueprint flat file which holds all my stitching fabric. The hole closest to the wall, which goes the width of the UBSU, will hold our Rubbermaid tubs of Christmas stuff. The middle hole with the shelf in the middle, which also goes the width of the UBSU, will hold smaller Rubbermaid tubs of stuff. And two drawers will go on the other side and will hold DH's bow, arrows, and other hunting accoutrements. There is also a space at the foot of the UBSU that will hold more stuff! WHEE-E-O! A home for stuff!
I need to paint the top platform and the door and drawer fronts, but will wait until DH gets them done so I can do it all at once. I was just going to polyurethane the platform, but DH wants it white to match the rest of the UBSU, so I'll indulge him. Doing three coats of polyurethane is the same to me as a coat of primer and two coats of paint. And it will be an easy way to make DH happy. ☺

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