Feb 23, 2009

Sundry topics

Over the weekend, DH was finally able to finish the doors for the UBSU. Now it is my turn - I have to paint all of them along with the two drawer fronts. Thankfully, the weather will be warming up into the 70s for most of the week (good painting weather).
Now DH is finishing up the face frames for the cabinets which will go over my computer area. Then I'll paint them. We were going to pay a friend to paint them using his paint sprayer, but he is real short of time right now and couldn't get to it until June. So I will paint them using a new-to-me paint that advertises itself as being for cabinets and that leaves no brush marks. We'll see.
After several months of looking high and low in local stores and all over the Internet for some rainboots THAT FIT MY VERY WIDE FEET and didn't cost tons of money, I finally found a pair at Wal-Mart last week. With our long driveway and its mud problems in rainy weather that necessitates parking our car and truck down toward the end of it, I needed good rainboots.
In warm weather, I usually just walk barefoot through the mud and rinse my feet off with water that I carry with me, but this technique is not good in cold weather. DH and I have been using our hunting and hiking boots respectively, but they are time-consuming to clean and the repeated exposure to mud and water is hard on the leather. Rainboots clean easy. Wal-Mart had these in a "getting ready for spring" display. The other available color was polkadots in wild pink shades. I chose these.
A note from my stitching chair: I actually stitched this weekend and have my stitching mojo back. I hope to make a lot of progress on my WIP this week and will post a picture at the end of the week.


Gloria said...

Those are some wild rainboots! I cannot imagine why you passed up the ones with pink polkadots. *grin*

Hope you get the painting done this week. Looking forward to pictures.

Rachel said...

Love the boots, may have to get a pair myself!

LoriRay said...

What awesome boots you have! Now you'll look even more cool when you're in your robe running off the neighbor's cows! ;-)

Glad you've got your stitching mojo back. Hate it when it leaves...but it's never gone for long!

Happy stitching and guard that chair! :)