Feb 4, 2009

WIP from a kit

I've enjoyed everyone's recent comments. Gloria, you might as well give up; I ain't giving up my stitching chair. Rachel, I had fun thinking about what a biscuit joiner might look like if it wasn't a tool. ☺ Sharon, I grew up around job-sites, too, although my dad was an HVAC sub-contractor. I told Emma that she has blog fans. She was impressed and promptly asked for a dog biscuit.
While DH has been working on UBSU drawers and doors in the evenings, I've been stitching on the WIP for my parents' 50th anniversary. It's a kit from Vervaco. Normally, I'm not a kit stitcher. But I liked this pattern and decided to go for it as Vervaco has a good reputation for quality kits (and I couldn't find the pattern in anything other than as a kit).
It came with some rather boring ivory Aida fabric, so I changed it out to some linen I had in an "Attic Lace" color. And as I was not thinking things through, I hope I don't run out of floss as I changed from 18 count Aida to 32 count linen. Dummy. *crossing fingers*
The pattern is in sepia tones and is a close up of a man's and woman' hands clasping. I thought I ought to tell you that as you can't tell anything from what I've stitched so far.


mark said...

I certainly hope you gave Emma a treat!


Daffycat said...

They usually give you a bit extra floss. As long as you don't make any major mistakes, I bet you're ok.

It's pretty!

Gloria said...

*waving to Emma*

The UBSU is coming along great!

I look forward to seeing the anniversary WIP completed. I think it is a perfect anniversary gift. I'm sure your parents will love it.

No, I'm not giving up on the chair.

LoriRay said...

I'm posting a comment with the hopes it earns Emma another treat. *hee hee*

Watch out for your chair with that Gloria. She's been known to steal things she wants. Ask her about a frog fob. ;-)

I look forward to more progress pics of your Vervaco project. It's going to be gorgeous!