Sep 22, 2009

Another finish

I would have had this finished yesterday, but I had a prolonged visit from the his royal greeness, a very evil frog indeed. Besides wreaking havoc with my stitching, he also brought rain early.
The forecast said it was supposed to rain today late afternoon sometime. We need the rain and that was fine with me; I'd have plenty of time to do errands in town in the morning and then park the truck down at the end of the driveway.
The rain arrived sometime after midnight and it is still raining. DH barely got out of the driveway, and there's no way I can get the truck out and go to town. Oh well.
Sunday night, DH and I stayed up to watch the Cowboys game. *sigh* We were disappointed in them. However it was fun to see all the previous Cowboys that were there in attendance at the first official game in the new stadium. Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, and my all-time favorite Cowboy, Randy White (aka "The Manster" - part man, part monster). We really got a kick out of seeing Former President Bush sitting in a box next to John Madden as the two of them talked and laughed. John, of course, was waving his arms around while he talked. I really miss his commentating.
Okay. I finished stitching "nuqneH" and finish-finished it this morning and here it is! The sun is not out so this is the best picture I could get. This is a name plate that is now sitting on my desk.
Next, I will stitch on a Halloween ornament - "Mr. Bones" from JCS Sept./Oct. 2008.


Mary said...

Refresh my memory on Klingon: translation?

Been raining here too and it's COOL--grab that!!!


Jennifer said...

I too was rather disappointed by the Cowboys, especially Romo. What was he THINKING? They really should have won that game. :-(

Cindy F. said...

Nice stitch, but like Mary...what does this mean??