Sep 15, 2009

My latest WIP

I started a new WIP last week. I'm stitching it on painted perforated paper with DMC. It's a small sign that will go on my computer desk in an acrylic name plate holder I bought a while back.
If it doesn't look like any letters or language you recognize, it's because it's a word in a Klingon font. The word in English is "nuqneH" which is "hello" in Klingonese. Actually, the literal translation is "What do you want?!" which is how Klingons say hello.
I'm a Trekker from way back and Klingons are my favorite aliens. As I'm usually overly focused and task-oriented when I'm on my computer, the phrase "What do you want?!" is appropriate. I should get it finished soon.


Jade said...

LOL, too funny! I may have some Klingon genes in me because often I wanna snap at people with "what do you want" but what comes out of my mouth is just a polite hello. :) Only a handful of people close to me can tell what I actually meant by that word. Thanks for the translation and I love that sign!

Cindy F. said...

Ohhhhh! I

I usually start with the oldest blogs and if I'd done that this time, I wouldn't have asked on your recent post what this meant! So better next time;)

FUN IDEA!! a Trekkie MP....your resume' is amazing!