Sep 2, 2009

Are we there yet?

I'm going on a stitching retreat the weekend after next; I am SO ready to go. Are we there yet?
I'm also trying to decide what to take to stitch on at the retreat. I have a couple of Christmas ornaments I need to stitch. I also need to stitch something for another IH35 Stitchtogether demonstration I'm doing in November - this time it's mounting small projects on a scrapbook page. Maybe I'll just take something fun.'s all fun. Decisions, decisions...
Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon reformatting a patient evaluation form for DH's work. I've been using MS Word for so long that I can bully it into doing just about anything MS Publisher can do, only better. DH now tells me there are other office forms that need updating, too.
Today was my shopping day and I had to reevaluate my previous post regarding shopping basket contents. I mail goodie boxes out to a couple of college kids who are friends of the family on occasion. I pack the boxes full of stuff a college kid would eat on the run or for a snack. My basket was full of junk food. There was not a single vegetable or fruit in it. Wait - it did have a box of All Bran cereal in it, but that was for me. ☺

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Mary said...

I wish we were there!! I'm sooooo ready to get away. "Don't worry", that line from a reggae song so I'm taking "Kokopelli". It's so close to being finished.