Sep 30, 2009


Here's my current WIP. It will go in a tuck pillow so I had to change the design up a bit to get it the right size. I also changed a lot of the fibers as I won't stitch with Weeks Dye Works floss as it is not colorfast. And the design also called for blended threads with DMC and GAST! How weird is that?
Anyway, I've got the petals on the left flower to finish and then I have to stitch "Texas" at the top and add a few beads instead of doing french knots.
And here is the finished "First Christmas" ornament for my youngest nephew; I needed an example to show for my ornament finishing demonstration on Saturday at the IH35 Stitchtogether.

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Mary said...

I have that pattern but hadn't really looked at it...yikes!

Remember, in your demo, some of us (aka me) are really into visual. I won't have an ornament but I do have a good memory!

Thanks for all you do for us. It is very very most appreciated!