Sep 25, 2009

At last! My own...

...cordless drill! No longer will I have to suffer through using an overly-large man-sized cordless drill when I am carpentering. No longer will I tax the strength in my biceps in lifting a cordless drill with a 14.4 volt battery! No longer will I strain to reach the reverse button with my index finger! NO MORE!
DH is taking today and Monday off. He had planned to do the outdoor plumbing work for the bathroom. It's been raining off and on for a week and it is too muddy. So he is going to hopefully get the tub surround all tiled in instead.
We spent the morning buying tile and tiling supplies. I had planned to get the tile several weeks ago, but DH wanted to go with me. Sometimes we find a deal or have a creative idea when we search for DIY stuff together. We had planned to go with 4" x 4" tile, but at the tile store we found some "subway" tiles on sale (3" x 6") and went with those. Then we found some really cool 2" hexagonal tiles for the floor, also on sale. Next, at Lowe's we found some glass tiles in shades of blue that DH will use as an accent row.
While at Lowe's I went over and fondled and handled all the cordless drills while DH was looking for a tile mortar mixing blade. I found one with a grip that fit my hand perfectly and that had a smaller (and lighter weight) 12 volt battery. So I chucked it in our basket in amongst all the tile supplies and brought it home!
It's mine! DH can't use it. MINE! MINE!
A note from my stitching chair: I'm not stitching on "Mr. Bones." Even though I put a few stitches in him, I just couldn't get into him. I think I'm tired of the challenges of stitching on perforated paper. So I started "A Texas Garden" by Redbird Designs that I will stick into one of the tuck pillows I purchased at the stitching retreat. It'll look cute on our bed and it's small enough that it won't tax my too-many-decorative-pillows-on-the-bed tolerance.


Gloria said...

Way to go! I didn't know they made drills that were not overly large man-sized.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the tiled areas. We tiled one bathroom and liked it so well that we had the other tiled too. I think you will love the tile.

Cindy F. said...

Can't wait to see the finished bathroom! I love subway tiles and your choices sound very exciting!!

Cool tool!! Every MP should have their weapon of choice!