Sep 23, 2009

Have you ever done this?

As I was going through our monthly credit card receipts, I noticed a charge from Silkweaver. It was from the middle of August and I hadn't received the fabric which was most unusual as Silkweaver has great service. It was also unusual that I'd forgotten about the order.
So I e-mailed Silkweaver and received a prompt reply; they had record of the credit card transaction, but no record of my order, probably due to some weird computer glitch. But we got everything squared away and I got my fabric on Saturday.
I'd ordered 36 count linen in the Spanish Moss color. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember what project I had in mind when I ordered it!
I had to go through my stash and think really hard before I finally remembered the project. I had wanted to stitch one of the designs from the Prairie Schooler leaflet "Christmas Trees II." These are stitched on 18 count olive green Aida which is no longer made. So I tried to find a substitute color and found one at Silkweaver.
Forgetting about fabric you ordered must be another symptom of being cross stitch obsessed. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.


Bronny said...

You know I think the fabric I was given would possibly be called 18count olive green aida !!! It's really soft - I'll be interested to watch your progress on a chart that was designed for it. Spanish Moss is really pretty.

Cindy F. said...

Love this color and the PS design should look awesome on it!

Glad you came across that receipt!