Sep 28, 2009

Tiling continues

I had planned on arising and tackling the mowing this morning, but the riding mower is acting up again - something is wrong with the battery...AGAIN. Did I mention that we'd had the darn thing in the shop recently? As the grass just dried out from the last rain, and it is supposed to rain again tomorrow, the grass may be up to my armpits before I have a chance to mow again. Oh well.
DH is moving along quite nicely with the tiling. He had hoped to get the whole tub surround done by tonight, but it ain't gonna happen. He was proceeding at a rapid pace until he hit the row of accent tiles; he came to a screeching halt.
DH followed the manufacturer's instructions for installing the accent tile. As is often the case, they didn't work and caused a huge mess. So DH improvised. That worked, but after having installed the whole row on the back wall of the tub surround, he ended up having to remove and redo them as they spaced improperly. Oh well. The accent row looks so good that all the extra trouble was worth it! (That weird hole in the tile on the upper left below the accent row is for the soap dish; it gets installed last.)
A note from my stitching chair: I stitched a lot yesterday and hope to do the same today in between laundry loads. I'll post a picture tomorrow.


Cindy F. said...

Good job to your dh!! It looks awesome!

Mary said...

Looking good!