Aug 31, 2009

Weekend wanderings

Saturday I went to Austin for the monthly IH35 Stitchtogether. We had a great time and most of us were there.
Gloria brought her "wild child" from Oklahoma to visit us all. We were regaled with stories like "Adventures When Traveling With Mom." We also heard "Tales From a 911 Operator" - she has a badge; don't mess with her. Seriously, it was great to finally meet Lori in person.
Several of us are going to a stitching retreat in a couple of weeks. This retreat usually features an auction. Money raised is used to help fund the next retreat. Mary grabbed a corner of the floor and in a very short time made a no-sew fleece throw that featured frogs. She is donating it to the auction. Dorothy showed us a picture of the afghan she crocheted for the retreat's raffle and it was gorgeous.
Sunday afternoon, I got to stitch a lot. I finished all the cross stitching on "The Alamo" as I finally finished the leaves on the big tree on the right side. Now I just have the rest of the backstitching left to do. The end is near!


Rachel S said...

Sounds like it was fun. That is great that you were able to meet Lori!

Mary said...

"Alamo" is looking great!! Are you counting down the days like I am to the retreat? It's time to get out of Dodge,


LoriRay said...

I LOVED meeting you, Lisa! You gals are all great but...truth be really are a neat person (to say the least). Okay, enough mushy stuff. LOL

My badge earns me special favors. Somewhere. I think. Okay, maybe not. HAHAHA

Your writing style is always interesting and funny. Keep up the great work! Love your blog!

Hey, why is the word verification "oorks"? I think it's trying to call us "dorks". How rude! ;-)