Aug 13, 2009

"The Alamo" WIP

I hope to get a lot of stitching time in on "The Alamo" this weekend. I've gotten about half the backstitching done - mostly on the left side of the piece. And I've still got the leaves to do on the big tree on the right.
The backstitching is still driving me loony as I can't get some of the stitches to come out straight, despite stitching and restitching some of them repeatedly. And it doesn't seem to matter whether I use the back stitch or double running stitch. So I'll get the darn thing finished and framed and hope no one notices. Who am I kidding? Most of the people who would actually see this in my home wouldn't know cross stitching if it danced naked in front of them.
DH got all the sheetrocking done on the new bathroom this past weekend. Billy will be coming out next week to tape and bed. DH has the under-house plumbing to finish, and then he can get started on tiling the tub surround and floor. I need to go buy some tile next week, along with some bathroom paint. We're both getting excited as the end is getting nearer!


mark said...

The Alamo is beautiful! Don't worry about the back stitching not being perfect. Mine's not but hey...really...who is going to look at it with a magnifier? Huh??

I can't wait to see the finished bathroom! Y'all are so good. What tiles are you thinking of?


Rachel S said...

I think it looks great!

Who has perfect backstitching?

Cindy F. said...

Oh wow girl! Your Alamo is gorgeous!!
Good job! (back stitching sucks!)

Can't wait to see more house pics!