Aug 18, 2009

New sneakers - finally!

After several months of looking in vain, I finally found me a new pair of "out in public" sneakers. And - as I've started walking a couple of miles most mornings - I got a pair of walking shoes, too.
After spending a fruitless afternoon at the mall and visiting several stand-alone shoe stores, I found exactly nothing for my very wide and weirdly-shaped feet. So I resorted to my old standby. I bought my new sneakers online. Yep. Actually, a lot of the shoes in my closet I've bought online. (And I pay top price for most of them, too. You do that when you wear a weird size.)
I've known for years that New Balance shoes come in widths from 2A-4E for women. Unfortunately, shoe stores usually don't carry the full range of sizes. So, I had never found a New Balance shoe that fit.
Well, I found the New Balance online store. They have a page that shows how all the lasts of their shoes fit - heel width, instep height, toe box width, etc. Once you know the lasts, you can look at all the shoes with your preferred last and width. Over a certain purchase amount, you get free shipping. Returns are free, too.
I ordered nine different pairs of shoes and tried them all, keeping the two that fit best. Unfortunately, my walking shoes have hot pink trim on them. They DID have the same pair in two shades of brown, but it didn't come in my width. I may die of shame. Fortunately, I'll only be wearing these on my early morning daily walks. ☺
These will last me for five or six years. I'm not hard on shoes and I don't wear them out quickly. I have a couple of pairs of shoes in my closet that are close to ten years old and I still wear them. Lucky for me as I hate shoe shopping so much.


mark said...

Melissa will be so proud of you and your pink sneakers!

I hate shoe shopping. Actually, I just don't like to shop unless it's for books or stash. Like you, I've been wearing the same pair of sneakers and sandals for a very very long time.


Gloria said...

I have a hard time buying shoes, too. Nothing looks good on my feet so I just go for comfort.

I'm beginning to think you might be a closet pink fan. The wall studs in your house are pink. You bought shoes trimmed in hot pink. I'm just sayin'....

Cindy F. said...

Ha! First thing I thought...Melissa will LOVE the pink ones:) I love my NB shoes too, but I don't have any pink!! Too funny, you buying pink:) (I was going to give you the project we got at Ginger's, the one you missed. But Mary B. said NO!! She hates pink!" The fabric is bright pink and I will gladly give it to you;0)