Aug 20, 2009

Frog fleece

While perusing in Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day, I came across this fleece pattern (and the fleece was on sale, too!). It was cute, it was blue, it had frogs. What in the world could I do with it?
Then I remembered how several stitching friends had gotten a bad case of MFCSB (Metal Folding Chair Stitching Butt) at a recent all-day stitch in. So I bought a two-inch thick foam pad and I'll cover it with the frog fleece. And I'll tote it along with me on stitching adventures when I am unsure of the seating accomodations. MFCSB can cause the frog himself to come and visit a stitcher afflicted with it. And what stitcher could pass up the chance to sit on a frog?
Emma's blood tests came back normal except for having low protein levels. The vet said to supplement her diet for awhile with chicken, cheese, and eggs. As she loves all of these things, at least I haven't had a hard time getting her to eat them. ☺


mark said...

Oh could make a no-sew blanket with that. I know how to do it...made several. The library is the perfect place to make it as you need a lot of room. Let me know. With both of us doing it--2 or less hours max. I'm going up to Joann's to see if they have the same. What a treasure!!


Cindy F. said...

Oh my gosh! Emma's not been well??
Please give her extra hugs and kisses! Her diet sounds yummy and our dog would love that too!

OK, the froggy fleece is just too darn cute!! and what a brilliant idea to make covered cushions for "numb butt" syndrome! I wish you would make an extra one for me and I will pay you $$$....and that doesn't mean 3;) But, if you can't or don't want too, please guard it carefully at our stitching events;)